Saturday, July 2, 2016

Did you Know That There is a Secret Mailbox in your Facebook inbox? Apple iPhone Repair, Dr Mobiles Limited

Did you know that there is a mailbox that is hidden in the inbox of Facebook? Probably some people already know about the secret mailbox, but there are a lot of people who have no idea about it and perhaps they have hundreds of messages in that “hidden or secret” folder within Facebook.
Facebook automatically filters annoying messages that are considered as Spam and separates them from your inbox into a folder called “other.”
If you want to know what messages you have in that folder from your phone, at first open Messenger, then go to Settings and click on “people,” then in the message request, seek for the infiltrators applications and there you will find the list of hidden messages. If you’re on a computer click “Messages”, then “see all” at the top; and there is a drop down menu called “more,” click there and then click “filtered”. Usually these messages are spam, but perhaps among them you can find someone known who has been trying to contact you for a long time.
So now you know how to check all your Facebook messages. Don’t ever miss important messages.

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