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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Verizon Blackout Confirms iPhone 5 Will Launch On September 21st, 2012. (Auckland, iPhone Repair, Dr, Mobiles, Limited, North Shore)

Verizon Blackout Confirms iPhone 5 Will Launch On September 21st 

The iPhone 5 is coming. Maybe it won’t be called the iPhone 5, but it’s coming, and it’s almost a sure bet that it will launch on Friday, September 21st.
A new report claims that Verizon has issued an all-staff vacation blackout from September 21st till September 30th so that all Verizon retail staff will be working to cover the launch.
TechCrunch received a tip from an employee at Verizon who informed them of the blackout on September 21st, which was the already rumored launch date of the new iPhone. The announcement for the next iPhone is expected to happen on September 12th.
Verizon wireless is one of the major carriers for the iPhone, so it makes sense that Apple would tell them in advance when iPhone 5 will launch so they can ensure that all of their retail staff will be on hand to

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