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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Table Technology News and Report 2012: Apple’s Ipad costs just 87p a year to charge

THE APPLE IPAD costs users an average of 87p a year to charge, a study by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has revealed.

The research shows that each Ipad consumes less than 12kWh of electricity annually, based on charging the device every other day. This means using are forking out just 87p each year to keep their tablet fully charged, a pretty impressive figure if you ask us.
Interestingly, the EPRI also calculated that all 67 million Ipads in the world consume 590 gigawatt hours. The research firm explained, "In a scenario where the number of Ipads tripled over the next two years, the energy required would be nearly equivalent to two 250-megawatt (MW) power plants operating at a 50 per cent utilization rate.
"A quadrupling of sales in two years would require energy generated by three 250-MW power plants."
Mark McGranaghan, VP of Power Delivery and Utilization at EPRI said, "These results raise important questions about how the shifting reliance from desktop to laptop to mobile devices will change energy use and electricity requirements for the information age. At less than a penny per charge these findings bring new meaning to the adage, 'A penny for your thoughts'."
In comparison to the Ipad, the researchers discovered that the ageing Iphone 3G costs just 16p to charge over the course of a year, while the average laptop will cost you around £5.32 in electricity bills annually.

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