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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apple iPhone 4S User's Tip: The Top Five (5) iOS 5 Secrets (David Lim, Auckland, New Zealand, 0212640000, unlock, repair)

#1 Compose your own custom vibrations

Yes, you know that you can create custom vibrations in iOS 5. Here's how:

First, you need to activate the feature:

Settings General Accessibility

From there activate Custom Vibrations.

Now to create the custom vibrations:

Settings > Sounds

Scroll down to Vibration Patterns and then Create Custom Vibration. Start tapping out your custom vibration!


#2 Text shortcuts

Here's a real timesaver! Allows you to type a shortcut for a a word of phase.

Settings > General Keyboard

Click on Add New Shortcut... the type the phrase and the shortcut you want to use.


#3 Make the LED flash as an alert

Want a visual indicator that you have messages of missed calls? Easy!

Settings General Accessibility

Enable LED Flash for Alerts. That's it!


#4 Restrict iOS system privileges

Get a grip on iOS 5 Location Services privacy settings at:

Settings Locations Services

Scroll down and click on System Services. From here you have control over what has access to your location information:

#5 How Apps are noming your storage!

Wondering where all your storage has gone? See for yourself!


Settings General Usage

Click on the app entries if you want to delete the data.

Bonus Tip!

A lot of people seem to be having problems finding the camera button on the iOS home screen - just double-click the Home button to make it appear. Simple! 

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