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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The man who was so upset about his wife status changing, that had a bike incident and got into coma

Lauren Booth thought nothing of changing her Facebook profile from married to divorced. But her husband found out and shortly afterwards came off his motorbike. They had had an argument. Not a rarity in a 20-year relationship, but it was serious nonetheless. Angry and hurt, Lauren fled to cyberspace for calm and comfort. She then changed her status from married to single. After doing that an 'alert' was sent out to the internet-savvy friends, family, neighbours and strangers who track such Facebook activities. The alert announced: ‘Lauren Booth has gone from married to single.' 48 hours later, when Craig went into a bar, someone came over and nudged him (the real-life version of a 'poke'). They nudged him and ruined his day by sneering: ‘So, single again mate, eh, eh? Fancy going to a club then?' He went home and asked his wife if it was true that she'd divorced him online without the decency of telling him first. The day after he told her he was hurt about what she'd done on Facebook, he came off his motorbike, sustaining a serious head injury that almost ended his life. He went into coma for 2 weeks.

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