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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The man who was attacked with sulphuric acid for engaging in a relationship with a married woman he met online

25-year-old Awais Akram was left severely disfigured after he was targeted in revenge for his liaison with businesswoman Sadia Khatoon, whom he met on Facebook. When her husband and family found out, they got Ms Khatoon, 24, to lure the victim out of his flat, where concentrated sulphuric acid was poured over his head. He was left with 47 percent burns. The woman's brother, Mohammed Vakas, later admitted pouring the acid on Mr Akram, during a taped police van conversation with cousin and fellow conspirator Mohammed Adeel. During the attack, the men received instructions from Ms Khatoon's husband Abassi, who was in a hotel room near Heathrow with his wife. She was on the phone with the unsuspecting victim who was telling her his whereabouts. The attackers are now facing a life sentence.


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