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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The man who killed his wife of 35 years with guinea pig ornament over a Facebook love rival

Joseph Richardson murdered his wife of 35 years after learning that she was going to leave him for another man. He killed Janette by stabbing her and hitting her with a guinea pig ornament. Mrs Richardson had earlier told him she wanted to leave him for an old friend she had got in touch with through Facebook. He had phoned his wife's friend, Graham Walker, in England, on the day of the murder and told him: 'You are going to feel like I feel in a couple of hours' time.' 

Mr Walker was said to have been distressed by the call and contacted the Richardsons' eldest daughter, Joanne Greenhill. 

Richardson had fetched two fishing knives from the garage and took the pig from his younger daughter's bedroom. During a row with his wife about her meeting wit

h Mr Walker, she went to walk away and he hit her four or five times with the ornament. The Richardsons married in 1974 but the court heard that by last year, there were 'significant marital problems'. Mrs Richardson, who worked as a nurse in a residential home, was unhappy in the relationship and had indicated she intended to leave. She had made contact with Mr Walker and they kept in touch by calls, texts, Facebook and, on occasion, meetings.


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