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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The top ten tips for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (III), i9300 (Google Android, Smartphone, unlock, repair, Auckland)

(1) Do not touch or cover the area around the antenna (top left corner when looking at back of phone) with your hands or other objects while using the GPS functions.

(2) You use the power button to reset the device (press and hold for 8-10 seconds).

(3) You can use the menu button to launch the search application (press and hold).

(4) You can use the home button to launch the S Voice application (press twice).

(5) Pick up the phone after not using it for a while or when the screen has turned off. The phone will vibrate if you have missed calls or new messages.

(6) While viewing call, message, or contact details, pick up and hold the phone to your ear to make a voice call.

(7) Shake your phone to search for Bluetooth devices.

(8) Shake your phone to update the list of email messages or information from Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, or AccuWeather.

(9) Double-tap the top of the phone to move to the top of a list of contacts or email messages.

(10) Place the phone screen down to mute ringtones, pause media playback, or mute the FM radio.

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