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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Power user tips and trick: How to capture screen shot in the HTC One X

Taking screenshots of a mobile phone interface is one of the most regularly done things by the users, no matter if they are a general user or a developer. There are several reasons for taking the screenshots, especially when you are trying to capture anything in the interface or messages as a record, or are trying to share your highest score in a game to flaunt about that amongst your friends, or are sharing the screens to teach someone how things are done in the device. We won’t list out more reasons, but would actually explain how the screenshots are taken in the HTC One X without any usage of the applications.

There are two ways of taking screenshots, and these are both included in the Instructions manual too, but users usually ignore that part. The screenshot capturing can be done in either the HTC way or the Android way. And to make the confusion lesser, the screenshots are stored in different folders.

HTC One X Screenshot

Capturing screenshot in the HTC One X – HTC Method

The screenshots when taken in the HTC’s trick, would be stored in the camera folder directly, i.e. in the DCIM folder. This would be a little annoying as HTC is including these screenshots in the folder where all the captures from the camera are located. To capture a screenshot in this method, you need to press down the Power/Lock key and along with that, you need to press the Home key (the 2nd touch sensitive key in the bottom).

HTC One X Screenshot HTC One X screenshot saving

Capturing screenshot in the HTC One X – Android Method

Many might already be knowing about this one, the standard volume down along with the Power/Lock key and this would put the screenshot into a separate folder named “Screenshots” and this would appear separately in the file manager and gallery.

Quality won’t be different in both the ways and it would be the best quality, the format being the PNG one. These images are of 1280 x 720 pixels quality. It totally depends on the users and the accessibility on the way they want to get it done but we would still go for the Android 4.0 way, as it would involve the physical keys and the images are placed separately and not amongst the camera captures.

If you want to have something using the Android apps, there are several of them and most of them would work when the phones are rooted. Rooting is not usually suggested, so you would have to cash out a few dollars to get the paid apps which help in taking screenshots without rooting the device, but when we have the direct tricks of capturing the screenshots, looking for something else would be of no much use.

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