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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chinese Firefighters Use Apple iPhone to Help Rescue Trapped Toddler

Here is a story that would likely have made Steve Jobs proud, as a toddler’s life was recently saved completely due to an iPhone.
iPhone used to save boys life Chinese Firefighters Use iPhone to Help Rescue Trapped Toddler picture  

Firefighters in Mengzi used the iPhone to help them figure out the best way to get the young boy into the harness they were using after the boy got stuck at the bottom of a 40-foot well.

Based on the reports, the rescuers were having a hard time slipping the harness onto the boy since it was made for adults. To add to the difficulty, the well was very narrow.

Using the iPhone’s camera function, the rescuers were able to see up close how they would need to get the boy into the harness and eventually to safety.

In the end, the successfully pulled the toddler from the well.  The boy is said to be recovering well and had not sustained any injuries.

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