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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You Should Know When To Remove Facebook Friends...

remove facebook friend Know When To Remove Facebook Friends 
There are times in life where you overdo it, you drink too much, eat too much, smoke too much – isn’t that right, Dave Matthews? It seems to be the American way: we binge, then we purge, rinse and repeat. When you first joined Facebook, you’d friend request everyone; it didn’t matter if you saw them once on a train or high fived them at a ball game, they’re in. But then you realize you have WAY too many “friends” and they’re clogging up your real-time stream with farmville and fat baby pics. So, how do you know when to remove a Facebook friend? The folks at Living With Balls produced a flowchart that should help you out. Check it out below.
removing facebook friends flowchart Know When To Remove Facebook Friends 
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