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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why You Should Not Leave Facebook For Google+ — Top Reasons and Issues

Its not really a question if Google+ is popular but rather, is it already popular across the netizens around the world? As you can see, several reports have surfaced that not only the new social-networking is only concentrated on men, it appears G+ still haven’t penetrated the large teen group as well as the non-techie individuals who composed the tens of millions of users in Facebook.


If you’ve been following the news for Google Plus this week, the company officially announced last Wednesday it already acquired 10 million users and up to a billion of items shared everyday. The issue here is, it’s purely concentrated on men of the industry who are overexposed on the latest tech news. How about those average people whom you just encounter at local places? – Well, chances are they don’t know Google+ yet and still using Facebook.

This is the number one reason why Facebook still remains the omnipotent social-network site but of course, we shouldn’t be too hard on Google+ since its about to reach its third week only. Who knows how many amazing features Big G is planning to rollout on Plus for the next month to come, not to mention the service is still in beta.

I’m not going to beat behind the bush here. Deleting your Facebook account and moving to Google+ could be the most senseless and unwise move you could ever possibly do on your social-media life since the latter service is still growing, unfinished, and like a half-baked cake that still need to be put on the oven. In our previous report, we revealed our top 6 wishlist to drastically improve G+. In addition to that, I believe that as soon as Google introduce this service on the mainstream, it should collaborate with other social-media groups to advertise it even more.

Until I’ve heard my non-techie friends here wanting to join Google+, my Facebook account will always be here.

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