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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Difference & Common Misconception of Google Plus and Google Plus One.

After we posted our review for Google Plus along with our take if its a Facebook killer or not, we received several messages from our readers who are alienated with the term “Google Plus” and “Google Plus One”.

For those who are unaware, while both sound the same, the service each one provide is very different. You see, Google+ nee Google Plus works as a hub for all the new social-network services of Big G announced yesterday like sparks, hangout, etc. Meanwhile, Google +1 works like Facebook Like which you can embed on your website and when your Gmail contacts +1 a certain page, you’ll be able to see their little avatar the next time you search Google – of course – when you’re logged in with your Gmail account.

So far, Google Plus is still on its beta stage and no one knows when will Google release this to the public. Take note that once you are logged in with Plus, you’ll be able to do most of the things you can do on google like checking your email, images, shopping, etc. But of course, its focus are those circles from your friends and how you’ll be able to contact them.

At this point, pundits aren’t sure what will be the future of this project. In the case of Google Plus One, its still comparable to David compared to the Goliath that was Facebook Like.

Interestingly, Google said before that it will use “google + 1 as one of its metrics on grading a site for SEO” but so far, gurus believe its still far from happening.

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