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Thursday, January 20, 2011

An innocent Nokua E72 was cheated by the ultra thin con man in Auckland Central two days ago. Client parted with $85 "inspection fee" by the crook. After one day, the Symbian software were damaged and the entire holiday
Picture and video clips were erased!

Client claimed that the crook operates from a cheap-looking retail space, the shop look like a low-end $2 Shop. Note that this crook talks a lit and always gives out fake smile. A fat oily foreign woman us always seen around that run down shop (she cannot understand English at all and sounds like a colorful parrot). They claimed to Kiwis; yeah right--pigs in Dunedin can fly!.

Always check with authorized Vodafone, Telecom and 2 Degree Mobile's authorized dealers before you let this scammer cheat your hard earn money!

After being charged $85 by this crook in Auckland Central "iPhone Repair Specialist", a brand new Nokia EE72 was damaged and all information wiped clean! If you know any victim screwed by this semi-pro crook, please text us at 021-117-2222

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