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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Apple iPhone 3GS Repair Crook Strikes Again in Auckland Central

20-January-2011--Courier back a customer's Apple iPhone 3GS after replacing the top flex (which consist of the volume up/down button, mute button, audio jack and power on/off button).

According to the client who fell victim to a very sick looking "Chinaman" (looks like a walking-dead body) who seems to bullshit a lot of his ability to make DEAD Apple iPhone come alive!  The only problem initially with the iPhone 3GS is charging problem.  The idiot "iPhone Repair Pro" said there is something wrong the the top flex (?).  When this crook talks to client, he never, ever look straight into client's eyes (tell a lot how criminals behave). Then the crook charge the customer $290 + GST.

The add injury to insult, the idiot scammer had killed the WiFi function of this Apple iPhone 3GS.  We found out the data connector was faulty and changed a new original unit for the client.  The wifi chip was killed by the semi-pro "iPhone Specialist" in Auckland Central.

The idiot crook never know who is that customer he ripped off but he going to regret it big time.  We bet this crook hardly can have any sleep over the past months.  The best is yet to come, but it will come in a big-bag with several government departs will file suits on him and his foreign wife (no-speak Engrish).

We pray that no more innocent Kiwis will fall victim to this PARIAH of the genuine repair centre.  He should watch more YouTube on how to repair phones or perhaps one day he can become a brain surgeon?

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