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Saturday, February 14, 2009

EyeClops Mini-Projector from Jakks Pacific Sounds Like Sweet Deal

(February 14, 2009, Source:

This device is to be officially and ceremoniously announced at the next edition of the Toy Industry Association’s Annual Toy Fair, which happens to be next week, in New York. But if you're just so very busy and can't attend, let me share with you the frugal information provided by Jakks Pacific Inc., the manufacturer of the EyeClops.
Don't let the toy-like design fool you. This is a mini-projector in the true sense of the word, with a serious spec list – at least that's how it looks from the preview of its description. If the EyeClops and a DVD ever meet in a bar, they will surely get along nicely, as the EyeClops is supposed to easily connect to DVDs. I wish I were capable of as much empathy. In fact, the mini-projector is compatible with a wide range of devices, from video game consoles to digital cameras. Still, even if compatibility is important when it comes to projectors – you must know from which gadgets you can take stuff and project it – visual quality and brightness are much more decisive in figuring out whether the projector is a-ok or not. The product made by Jakks Pacific should be capable of throwing images of up to 70 inches on various surfaces, so its LED lighting power is not as puny as that of other mini-projectors out there. Considering the fact that these features are all bundled together at a price which – we are promised – will not go over $100, it all sounds pretty idyllic. But we'll know for sure whether the EyeClops should enter the gadget list of fame next week, when that funerrific, top-model-filled party known as the Toy Industry Association’s Annual Toy Fair will bring the New York house down.

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