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Thursday, February 12, 2009

3G Apple iPhone Network Unlock, Auckland, New Zealand, 2G, 16GB, UK

Please be very careful when you need your 3G Apple iPhone to be unlocked (to use New Zealand network). There are heaps a of hobbyists, amatures who claims to be “pros” in unlocking phone and quoting unrealistic low price (too good to be true). You might be taking a risk to let the amature “try” or play with your 3G Apple iPhone.

If you unluck, there is dodgy amature on Lincoln Road, Henderson will like to damage your phone and change your working parts!

In order to safeguard your expensive investment, you can get in touch with us to guide you on this matter. We have started reparing 2G, 3G Apple iPhone since 2007 in New Zealand. As a matter of fact, we are the first professional repair centre to repair the FIRST 3G Apple iPhone. The 3G Apple iPhone was launched on 11th July, 2008. A cusotmer walked in with a smashed LCD on 13th July, 2008; two days right after Vodafone New Zealand launching this model.

You can get in touch with us easily to solve your 3G Apple iPhone unlocking matter. We accept cash deposit, online banking, Visa/Master Card and eftpos payment (at our retail outlet).

Contact Person:
Mr. S. Y. Lim, Email, Auckland, New Zealand

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