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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Petrol prices reach new highs

Petrol prices are again on the rise with BP, Caltex, Shell and Mobil all increasing their prices by six cents this afternoon.

BP spokeswoman Diana Stretch said 91 is selling on average for 218.9 cents, up from 212.9, while diesel is selling for 191.9 cents, up from 185.9.

Ms Stretch said the rise is because of an increase in the international price of refined petrol and diesel.

Caltex, Shell and Mobil have also gone up by six cents to be at the same price as BP.

Spokeswoman Sharon Buckland said the Singapore price has remained "consistently high" and the company is getting no relief from the exchange rate.

"We have shown restraint over the last few days," Ms Buckland said.

Shell spokeswoman Jackie Maitland said Shell has also increased its price. She said the last price due to the cost of product was on June 13 when the price per barrel was around $135 and it is now $145.

She said there was a rise of 2 cents last week but that was directly attributed to the Government's ACC levy.

Mobil spokesman Alan Bailey said if Mobil had not yet gone up, it would be doing so shortly.

--Source: New Zealand Herald

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