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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

iPhone 3G prices and plans for 20 countries (updated)

With less than a week to go before the launch of the iPhone 3G, we thought we'd be able to compile a list of iPhone prices for the 20 countries where the new version or Apple's phone will be making its debut on the 11th. But surprisingly, seven operators still haven't announced any pricing. Maybe that's good decision-making on their part, because in a good number of cases, the pricing of the phone and especially the plans were disappointing, often translating in significantly more than the $199/$299 indicated by Steve Jobs in his WWDC keynote.

The pricing diversity around the world—or even within Europe—is staggering: you can pay anywhere from $94 to $377 for an 8GB iPhone 3G and between $24 and $128 for plans that may only have a (few) hundred MB worth of data or are "unlimited." Denmark isn't as bad as it looks, because the minimum contract is only six months and prices drop by a third if you stay after that. The Netherlands is pretty good, especially considering that you can have your iPhone unlocked for free after 12 months.

Update: added Canadian iPhone prices; Belgium is no longer getting the iPhone this Friday; added Telstra; added Vodafone Portugal plans.

Update 2: added prices and plans for New Zealand, Mexico, ONE in Austria.

AustraliaOptusuncomparable pricing
AustraliaTelstrano prices yet
AustraliaVodafoneno prices yet
AustriaT-Mobileno prices yet
AustriaONEuncomparable pricing
CanadaRogers$199$299$6015075400MB36 months
DenmarkTelia$298$426$128300unlimited300MB6 months
FinlandSonera$250$385$50100100100MB24 months
GermanyT-Mobile$94$236$7710040Unlimited24 months
Hong KongThree$377$479$24500unlimited500MB24 months
IrelandO2$265$360$711751001GB18 months
ItalyVodafone$313$423$93400400600MB24 months
ItalyTIMno prices yet
JapanSoftbankuncomparable pricing
MexicoTelcel$331$454$44200100100MB24 months
NetherlandsT-Mobile$126$252$47150150Unlimited24 months
New ZealandVodafone$414$527$60120600250MB24 months
NorwayNetCom$275$452$79100100100MB12 months?
PortugalOptimusno prices yet
PortugalVodafone??????$47100100250MB24 months
SpainMovistarno prices yet
SwedenTelia$284$451$50100100100MB24 months
SwitzerlandOrangeno prices yet
SwitzerlandSwisscom$249$349$25--100MB24 months
United KingdomO2$196$315$5975125Unlimited18 months
United StatesAT&T$199$299$70450-Unlimited24 months

Here come the caveats: although I think I managed to decipher plans on non-English language web sites, I may have made a mistake here or there. I've chosen the cheapest usable plans. The dollar conversion was taken from earlier reports in some cases, so it may not reflect the most current conversion rates, and for Canada and Switzerland, I've used a one-to-one conversion rate because the difference was only two percent or less. In some countries (Canada...) basic services incur extra fees, while in the US and Canada there are significant extra fees that come on top of a plan, as well as sales tax, which is included in most European countries. Use the links to see all the details.

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