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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Look no more further for the best Apple iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, apps (Dr Mobiles Limited, iOS unlock, jailbreak, repair, Auckland,)

iPhone apps reviews and discussions, including lists of the top iPhone apps.

The Christmas List App Review

Looking to get a handle on your Christmas shopping and spending? The Christmas List is for you.

Hulu Plus iPhone App Review

The Hulu Plus app is an attractive option to iPhone, iPod, and iPad users because it's the only way to access Hulu content on the iOS. While it offers a solid library and some good features, nagging issues, especially around what shows are available, mean you should look long and hard before subscribing.

Free Texting Apps for iPod touch

Thanks to numerous free texting apps, you can still send and receive text messages using the iPod touch. Although the iPod touch doesn't have a phone, these free text apps assign you a "phone number" that you can hand out to friends and family.

This American Life iPhone App Review

If you're an iPhone owner who likes the quirky storytelling of This American Life, you're going to love this app.

Weatherbug iPhone App Review

A review of the Weatherbuy iPhone app. Is Weatherbug more useful than the built-in Weather app?

Equanimity iPhone App Review

While I'm not sure that tracking and graphing your meditation practice using consumer electronics is exactly consistent with the philosophy and aims of meditation, Equanimity is a well-designed app that should be useful for the beginning and advanced meditator alike.

User Reviews: Hulu Plus App for iPhone

Real users of the Hulu Plus iPhone app review the app and service to help you decide whether you should subscribe.

Apple Cards App Review

Forget eCards. Thanks to Apple's Cards app, you'll want to send custom, letterpress cards all the time.

Chomp App Store Search App Review

Ever felt like the App Store search isn't very accurate? Then Chomp is for you.
Articles is a sleek and stylish way to get Wikipedia content right on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. It is a great reference app to have on hand if you often use Wikipedia. 

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