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Saturday, April 21, 2012

700kg Great White Shark captured in South Africa, November 06, 2011.

A Great White shark weighing 700Kg was caught in south Africa, Fishermen are asking whether this is a big great white shark that had stolen their catches, and scary men surfers. Frightening, is to dissect a shark scientist says that teenage girls and immature, The Daily Telegraph reports.
However, it has developed weighs around 700kg when caught in nets. Conservation authorities tried to save the creature was confused by crane into the ocean to swim back, then the shark became tangled again and died.
South Africa’s Witness newspaper quotes a local fisherman who believe it may already be in violation of the same shark near the surf ski and stole barracuda he went reeling However, scientists say it is not possible “shark rarely lived in the same area for a long time” he said
They also said it was not the biggest shark ever caught in the area

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