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The worst thing to happen to your Apple iPhone 4S - liquid or water damage (repair, iOS, rescue, help, insurance, claims, Auckland)

The following article forwarded to me by an Apple iPhone 4S user, it was the result of his research concerning iPhone 4S liquid damage repair and tips. He had accidentally wet his spanking Apple iPhone 4S not so long ago.  See what he has to say....

iphoneWith the advent of the electronic age, everyone’s had water damage to a device at some point or another. Yet when it happens to an iPhone, it’s absolutely devastating. It’s your worst nightmare. Panic, tears, and yelling don’t help at all, but what will?

I didn’t think it would ever happen to me, as I’m always ultra-careful, although it seemed to happen to my teenage son every few months. One time he dropped his phone in his bowl of cereal, and another time it was in the kitchen sink. The inevitable finally happened to me one day when I was out with friends and my purse got knocked off the sink in the restroom, flipped over, and my iPhone slipped out of the pocket it was in and literally jumped into the toilet.

The iPhone had been completely submerged, so I knew it was water-damaged. It worked at first, then turned off, and I could literally see the water inside it. I knew it was cashed. I was camping, so didn’t have anything with me to try the tried-and-true methods of preventing water damage. The next morning it was still wet inside and while it turned on and off, the touchpad didn’t work at all, and neither did the Home button. It was because of all this that I learned what to do when your iPhone gets water damage.

Apple-Care program Doesn’t Work

Apple does not cover water damage in either their one-year warranty or their Apple-Care program. They want to make sure they aren’t covering that either, so have placed sensors on the phone to detect water damage. There is one inside the headphone port, another in the charger connector on the bottom, and a few more hidden inside as well. The sensors will turn half pink/half white with water damage. Some people have been known to put tiny little pieces of white paper over the sensors to cover the ones on the outside, but there isn’t anything you can do to hide the two internal ones.


The first thing you need to do is turn the iPhone off and disconnect it from any possible power sources. The next step is to place it in an airtight Ziploc bag with silica gel packets if not uncooked rice.  You should immediately start searching for a proper or reuptable repair centre to inspect your water/liquid damage iPhone 4S.  Remember, the longer you wait to get it repair, the worse it will get -- as fungus will grow, corrosion start damaging the internal part of your Apple iPhone 4S.  There will be physical change start to take place as moisture will warp or alter the shape of your main circuitboard or motherboard.

Professional Repair Centre

Search the internet for a reputable or indepent repair centre who will help you out.  Please note that the real-pro will not charge you outrages inspection fee ($45 up to $85, non-refundable) at all as they not rip off people for heftpy or unrealistic "inspection fee". You should conduct indepth research about water damage repair centre, on google, facebook about any possible reliable centre in your area.  Water damage Apple iPhone 4S usually have 50/50 chance of being repair.
Be careful of those semi-pro who do not have any office phone line or those that do not have a real physical address

The Last Draw

If you liquid damaged iPhone 4S cannot be repair, you can file for a lost through your home content insurance.  Take note on the excess fee that you have to pay the insurance company before filing for a claim.
Any decent repair centre will not ask your an insurance damage report (some dubious operator charge you up to $85 per report).  The reason being that professional repair centre earn profits via professional repair job awarded to them from insurance company. So the more free inspection they do, the more business they will get from those big insurance company. 

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