Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why unlock your Apple iPhone 4S? What are the advantages? (Dr Mobiles Limited, iOS, jailbreak, Auckland)

There are two reasons that having an unlocked iPhone 4S is to your advantage. The first is that the ability to switch between domestic carriers will afford you the opportunity to shop for what you consider the best combination of price, features and network. And competing carriers mean that there’s a good chance they will be offering prices and features intended to win your business. The other advantage is that when you’re travelling internationally, an unlocked iPhone will be able to communicate through either one of wireless protocols.

There is one simple advantage to using our service to unlock your iPhone 4S, and that is cost. Compared to the difference between the locked phone at $199 and the factory-unlocked phone at $649 (that’s a $450 difference for the 16 GB model) our software download fee, which includes a money-back guarantee and high-quality customer support, is so low as to be rendered unnoticeable. Additionally, if you buy a factory-unlocked phone you will only be able to use it on GSM networks (even though the phone’s hardware includes both a GSM and a CDMA radio, the CDMA one will be disabled). Being restricted to GSM networks is fine if you will be travelling only in Europe. In much of the rest of the world, your carrier selection will be severely limited.

Our solution will give you an unlocked iPhone 4S at a significant discount, and the ability to access the cellular world through any carrier anywhere in the world. When travelling in countries where you choose to use a GSM carrier, simply obtain a SIM card from the local carrier and physically swap it out through the use-accessible slot in the side of the phone.

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