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Insects in Medicine, are you serious?

Many insects cause people’s sense of disgust related to their ability to spread disease. And few people sometimes think about the medicinal properties of certain insects. However, almost everyone knows that malarial mosquitoes – the cause of death annually nearly 3 million people fly – hawkers of different infections, as cockroaches and ants are subject to widespread persecution.

1. However, man has long been known recipes that insects act as doctors. Probably not all approve of this method of treatment that does not destroy its right to exist.

2. The larvae of the green flies padalnoy look disgusting. Their place of residence, in addition to grief and other horrible substances that are both open festering wounds. These beings digest food outside their bodies, highlighting the wound special enzymes that liquefy tissue, and then absorbing the resulting mush. It sounds absolutely disgusting, but this process can be used for medicinal purposes. After all, getting into the wound, the larva, mainly eats already dead tissue, and small fragments of bone. Enzymes are allocated to it, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. And one of the components of these enzymes – allatonin – a beneficial effect on wound healing.
Even some modern hospitals use maggots treatment. However, do not use a fly caught in the streets, and specially grown in the laboratory. The larvae of these flies are able to thoroughly clean the wound healing and to accelerate the process of healing.

Bee venom in medicine
This treatment is known to have long and has a large number of supporters. It’s no secret that the bee venom are drugs. Rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis are successfully treated with poison bees. But do not forget that this type of medication can cause severe allergic reactions in humans, including death. Therefore, to use bee venom should very carefully.

4. The nests of red ants
Ant venom and bee-like, has long been used in medicine. For example, many diseases of the joints are treated with it. In addition, ant poison – a component of more drug

Some people have their own traditional medicines recipes, which are based on the use of green ants. For example, Australian Aborigines, for the treatment of headache using welded boiling green ants. Some people believe that such a “tea” can not only get rid of a headache, but also to accelerate wound healing. To taste this drink like a normal green tea.

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Sassy Buttocks

Wandering ant
For healing people of Africa and South America used the huge jaws of some species of ants wandering. Ant to give in to grab the edge of the wound, and when his jaws are closed, he sever his head. So cruel towards the ant way of treatment – sometimes the only possibility of imposing a good weld on the wound in the field.

Different species of cockroaches.
Sounds strange, but the world knows of antibiotics, which are components of cockroaches. Scientists have found that cockroaches suprapharyngeal ganglion – the nerve site, which serves as the brain of these insects, – contains the substance, by its nature is a strong antibiotic. Moreover, this is such a powerful antibiotic that can kill even the staphylococcus aureus, which is now – one of the most dangerous infectious diseases.

Biting mosquito
Dangerous anopheles mosquito, the cause of death of millions of people every year, and can perform the inverse function. Despite the fact that malaria – an infectious, hard and very dangerous disease, there are people ready to sacrifice their health and malaria infection to get rid of another illness. It is believed that the malaria parasite kills the bacteria that cause syphilis. Treatment is possible in this scheme: Malaria kills syphilis, and then the doctor cures malaria.

Cochineal beetles.
These nasty-looking insects are used as cough medicine. They provide a bright carmine red dye. Also, there is a perception that the infusion of these insects on alcohol helps in whooping cough, asthma and other lung diseases.

Roast insects

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