Monday, January 30, 2012

Using your Apple iPad 2 as your international passport? Is that possible?

The revolution of Apple’s technologies is making the world go around so much easier. Maybe some of you who doesn’t like big and fast changes won’t like this, but revolution of gadgets is on a big step to save us a lot of time during the regular life activities, which is a great thing if you ask me. Why? Because you can use your free time to spend it on something you like to do. I read a few days ago about some Canadian man, who forgot his passport, and he managed to cross the border into the US using a copy of the document he had scanned on to his iPad.

ipad passport01 iPad Passport

ipad passport02 iPad Passport

ipad passport03 iPad Passport

The company save us from that awkward moment when you realize that your passport is lying in the drawers, just when you are standing on the airport with a ticket in your hand and red cheeks of blame came right from your face. So, I am sure that every one of you was at least once in this uncomfortable situation, but with new technologies you can just sit, relax and enjoy your holiday.

ipad passport04 iPad Passport

ipad passport05 iPad Passport

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