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Monday, December 26, 2011

Your Top Ten (10) Unusual Submarines (tech, news, report, diving, sea, ocean, adventures, ship)

Hyper-Sub – a submarine and high-speed boat in a bottle
Not only is James Bond is now available heaped such things. Although, we think, and he would not refuse to try this worth $ 3.5 million high-speed boat that can dive into the water. 
At the company-developer Marion Hyper-Submersible Powerboat Design has left almost 31 year design and construction of this boat. So he finally went on sale, turning the industry for good personal submarine! 
As a boat, this device can reach speeds of up to forty knots, like a submarine – diving to a depth of 80 meters.
Yellow Submarine Yellow Submarine Another personal submarine at this time – yellow! Able to accommodate two people and plunge into the water at 300 meters.Air supply should be six hours. The boat is equipped with halogen lamps, high-frequency radio transmitter, GPS-navigator, and a glass sphere with climate control.This toy will cost wishing nothing less than $ 2 million. EGO – compact personal submarine-hull
Technically this is not a submarine. But this does not mean that this boat can travel under water. In general, a cabin of this boat is always there, under water in a sense, but here’s the top part above the water at all times. This reduces a risk factor for underwater travel and makes management a snap. On the Web site developer Raonhaje said: “You do not even need to know how to swim.” 
Glasses in the submarine part of the boat are made ​​of durable acrylic glass.Thanks to the huge windshield and side scuttles the same, the passengers appears the luxury of a closer look at the corals and fish, while not even namoknuv. That would be a boat so the Red Sea with its chic riffs!
Seabreacher X – personal submarine
Seabreacher X – an incredible, capable of submerged boat, the second in a series of personal boats from the company Seabreacher. On the design of the first creators of playful dolphins inspired, the design of the second – rapid sharks. 
Seabreacher X can reach speeds of 50 miles per hour on the water and 25 miles per hour under water, can jump over the water about 4 meters. Technical equipment of the mark: the periscope is equipped with a video camera, which transmits the image on the LCD screen when the boat is under water, and on each boat is a GPS-navigation and audio system and onboard. These boats, incidentally, produced only 10 pieces, so that they would get not all.
Super Falcon – a deep fly
The last creation of marine engineer Graham Hawkes , Super Falcon – this is a personal submarine cost $ 1.5 million, which works on batteries, looks like a plane, it is true, “flying” underwater! 
rear-mounted propeller, more like an electric fan, leads ship in motion. Power is provided by a 48-volt battery. Super Falcon is designed for two passengers. Under the water rate reaches 3.5 meters per minute.
Scubster – personal submarine on pedal-powered Scubster – personal submarine on pedal-powered, made ​​of carbon fiber, developed by French engineer Stephen Rawson specifically to participate in international underwater races. Yes! And these are:) Scubster driven torsion pedals! A speed of six miles per hour and down to a depth of six meters. Of all the personal boats today Scubster, probably the most eco-friendly, so it does not require any fuel. In addition, some would not prevent a healthy twist a little pedal! Personal submarine out of the trough!

Another personal submarine on pedal-powered. This is the only developed and built a 14-year-old from Switzerland Kraer Aron (Aron Kreier). And considering that the creation of the boat took four years, he began to build it in 10! 
Made it, by the way, not from huhry-muhry, and part of iron troughs, used previously for the piglets.
“Nemo 100″ – a personal submarine for tourists
“Nemo 100″ – development of the German company Nemo Tauchtouristik GmbH & Co. KG – this is a personal submarine for tourist purposes, is nice and comfortable for 2-3 people. 
The system allows air support to stay under water for up to 24 hours, and convex glass windows provide a panoramic view. 
“With us, everyone can feel like Captain Nemo” – say the creators of !
“Nautilus” – a personal submarine luxury
Unlike previous submarines, this may be a Captain Nemo feel not everyone.Nautilus – personal luxury submarine, designed specifically to run the yacht in its class. The design was developed with the assistance of military advisers, so that, even once, for some strange reason, in the zone of fire, passenger submarine that should feel safe. At worst, the “Nautilus” is equipped with a minibar and a smart stereo!
“Nymph” – a personal submarine Richard Branson
To be honest, it would even wonder if Richard Branson, the billionaire who owns his own airline, developing space tourism, owning a wonderful island, all sorts of extreme adventure obazhaet (only one round trip in a balloon which is worth), and would not have a personal submarine . Of course, he has it! And based on the very beautiful island Necker. A is called – “Nymph.” 
Developed the boat is already known to us from Graham Hawkes of Hawkes Ocean Technologies. Can be lowered to a depth of 30 meters. 
Necker Island is located in the Caribbean. And anyone can enjoy its underwater world, having rented “Nymph” for only $ 25,000.

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