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Sunday, December 25, 2011

iMove The Apple Electric Car (iPhone, 4S, 3GS, iCar, road, user, trend, driver, Auckland)

As the Apple empire of cool techno stuff and its throngs of raving fans grows ever greater, many have probably wondered how far the phenomenon could possibly go. Among them, transportation design student Liviu Tudoran, who sees a future, circa 2020, when the definitive Mac-maniac rocks not only a MacBook, an iPod, an iPhone, and an iPad, but an iMove. That’s right, the Macintosh car.
iMove car 1 iMove The Apple Electric Car
Reminiscent of the VW Bug, the iMove concept is a three-seater electric car (noticed via Trend Hunter) that keeps in mind the “design language and culture of the brand,” which seems to mean that it’s cute, sleek, and does a whole bunch of things that other electrics don’t.  Tudoran conceived of this vehicle as a city car with a host of high-tech, modern touches, such as a touch-screen that covers the entire dashboard. The car features straps that extend trunk space and a top that appears to come off entirely (how this works isn’t all that clear).

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