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Friday, June 3, 2011

HTC ChaCha now available in the UK, free on a two-year contract

The HTC ChaCha is now available for purchase through the Phones 4U dealer in the UK. The Facebook-centric messenger can be yours for free on a two year 20 quid a month Vodafone contract or a whopping 300 pounds if you'd prefer to go pay-as-you-go.

Update: It seems that Carphone Wearhouse is also listing the HTC ChaCha as available in the UK. Prices are similar to those of Phones 4U, save for the sim-free price of 230 pounds.
The  controversial ChaCha is a 2.6-inch HVGA (320x480) full-QWERTY messenger phone with a dedicated Facebook button and Gingerbread 2.4 on board. The HTC Sense on it is also socially integrated to make your day-to-day life more involved with your online peers.
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