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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tech News Update: Next Google Nexus will be either HTC, or LG built ( "Android Repair"

The Nexus line is the true and original Google phone and we've seen two already. And now we came across a photo of a third Nexus phone in its testing stage. The phone looks HTC-made and lacks the menu/home/back/search keys. It will probably run Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Android version.
The photo doesn't show much, except a generic phone design, but the information, given to is pretty juicy and intriguing. It seems a Google developer sent this in and reportedly said that the next Google phone will feature some amazing specs. It will most definitely feature the latest (yet unseen) Android version, which integrates with Honeycomb (hence the lack of additional keys under the display), has a HDPA+ and Sprint CDMA (which would mean an early or exclusive appearance at US telecom Sprint), front-facing camera and a rumored first appearance in December this year, along with Ice Cream Sandwich itself.
That's about it for specs and as for the name, it's not given yet but it may not be Nexus 3. It's still undecided. The Nexus phone line isn't a mainstream gadget on its own. It's made to carry the latest software version, in order for it to be a platform for dev testing. And in the case of the original Nexus One it had an HTC twin brother in the face of the Desire. The Nexus S had one in the Galaxy S so we're hoping this yet unannounced 3rd Nexus to have a global market brother as well.
We'll keep track of the matter and update as soon as news becomes available. Rumors so far suggest that either HTC or LG will make the phone.

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