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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011

The Android platform is the brainchild of the Open Handset Alliance, a group of organizations which have entered into a joint venture to build a better mobile phone. This group is being led by Google and it includes mobile operators, device handset manufacturers, platform providers, software solution and component manufacturers. Hence, structurally speaking Android is equipped with a well diversity of entities operating in different fields to supplement each other and escalate the overall productivity and innovation of the group. Two well-known names in the world of mobiles i.e, Blackberry and iPhone have got two opposite market segments within their grasp. Blackberry has had a grip over the business sector users and on the other hand iPhone holds a major share of the consumers who love iPhone for the ease of use and the “cool factor” being reflected by its mobile sets. Android has the potential to outsmart these two entities and this statement can be based upon the fact that it works good for both the segments of the market, be it be common person or a business man. It serves the purpose of both the segments adequately. Today many network-based appliances use Linux kernel, which is the basis of Android. Moreover, Android has UI subsystem which includes the following in it:
• Windows
• Widgets for displaying common elements such as drop down lists
• Views
I think we had enough of the introduction part for Android as it needs little introduction to most of the people around the world as it is progressing by leaps and bounds. How about divulging to you guys the 10 most addictive Android games. Remember, it is not a official release but if we look through the prism of majority of the users of Android games then this list will be relevant.
android games 10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011
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abduction android game 10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011
I am very sorry to all those folks who have human friends or colleagues because Android says No to this. Yes, here you have to save your fellow cows from the furious incursion of the alien world. Cows have been kidnapped and the aliens seem to be adopting a no mercy strategy towards them (cows). The milk on earth is in danger. You have to follow the aliens into the space by tilting the screen. There is no hand-touching involved in this game. Just follow the UFO and you will be the hero of the day for the cows. There are myriad levels, objectives and unlockables for you to unlock. Do explore this game out in the market if you haven’t yet.


armored strike 10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011
This game is developed by Requiem Software Lans, Inc and it is actually a multi-player shooter game for the Android. What you have to do is eliminate your nemesis in three different terrains and be a brave soldier of your country. The best part about this is that you can play either against humans or computers. This game is very much similar to the Scorched Earth game and those who loved Scorched Earth will surely like this one.


buka android game 10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011
Do not let her space journey go bad just because you were ineptitude to protect her from the bad guys out there in space. You are not handicapped in this battle as Android is being kind enough to provide you with powerful explosions and shockwaves which you can produce to protect the Space Queen from being hurt. This is award-winning game and I hope you guys are going to love this one. Don’t link it with girls as I have used the word “Queen” here. It is equally enjoyable for both the parties.


cestos android 10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011
Indeed one more fabulous multi-player game introduced by Android and is the creation of Chicken Brick Studios. The unique feature about this game is the ability to play 2-4 players at a time. There is a chat room to chat with your fellow players. The basic theme of the game is that you have to knock out the opponents’ marbles in space via an open pit. To do so, grab touch your marble and drag it in the direction where you want to strike it. A directional arrow appearing on the screen represents the velocity achieved by your marble. The longer you stretch the arrow the high the velocity of the marble


craigs racer 10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011
It is a good multi-player racing game. Steer your vehicle to the finish line and feel the sense of a winner. The graphics and control of the game are simple enough. There are different types of race to choose from and different race tracks and vehicles.


dope wars 10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011
This game is being brought to you by Joseph Daverin. Most of you will be familiar with this game. Its been on many other platforms such as Windows, DOS and iPhone. Now Android has launched this game. This game is all about money making in a given time span. What you are selling is drugs. Don’t worry, cops are not going to arrest you for this. It is your ultimate chance to become the Godfather of your area and make behemoth profits out of selling drugs.


frozen bublble 10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011
Do you love penguins? If not then I am sure after playing this game you are going to love them too much. This game revolves around colored bubbles, ice and penguins. You have to match the 3 balls with the same color. Android provides you with a high-efficiency cannon which you will use to throw your colored ball towards the already umpteen attached colored balls appearing on the screen. If you happen to match 3 colored balls than you score for yourself.


mini shot basketball 10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011
Pleasing news for all the basketball lovers. This game is an arcade hoops basketball game developed by ComputerTimeCo for Android. The graphics of the game are really outstanding but you must get a handle on the controls of this game before you can actually enjoy this game to your full. In order to get the hang of the controls, try watching the tutorial videos for this game in which the developer has briefed about the controls of the game to the users. Well, overall this is a nice and magnetizing game.


moto x mayhem 10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011
3…2…1…0 Here we go. Race your bike through 21 exciting and full of thrill levels and during these levels you just don’t have to keep on going straight. Yes, jump where necessary and lean backward or forward for balancing. The racing track is hills and mountains. Feel the best part of the game when it drags you into the real world as your biker experiences the shocks and jolts which occur because of jumps on the bumpy tracks. It is all about physics and your chance to experience the affects of your school physics. Go tell madam about your experiences and enhance the impact of your learning. This game is worth playing.


wordup 10 Most Addictive Android Games – 2011
After creating all the games for fun and enjoyment, Android also takes care of the mental health of its users. This is a game where you can put your brain to work and sort out new words. As treasure hunters hunt and dig out treasures from underneath the earth, in a similar fashion grab your tool and start digging to look for new words and outsmart your fellows in the class. There you go kid! Madam is impressed, nice going. Keep it up !
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