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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters (Google, Android, Phone, repair, unlock)

Android is a set of software that includes an operating system, middle-ware and lots of applications. Android was purchased by Google in year 2005 and the mobile operating system of Android is based on Linux Kernel. There are myriad developers of android applications and they usually develop the applications in Java language. Some historic facts about Android are it was founded in Palo Alto, California, United States in October, 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White
That was the short android bio and now coming towards this post as we have seen android cell phones have taken over the phone market very rapidly, Google marketed their operating system very well, Android cell phones are very popular among high end users and a remarkable ratio of webmasters also do use Android phones, I thought to share a post with the best android apps which can really help webmasters to manage their tasks from their android cell phone, Below are the top 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters:
android1 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters


Thinking Space android 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters
As Arnold H,Glasow said “An idea not coupled with action is not bigger than the brain cell it occupied.” So get going with giving you ideas a visual presentation using this fantastic application of Android so that you can establish relation between different ideas and devise a course of action to achieve the idea.


TWITTER ANDROID 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters
Now, you can use twitter anywhere you are. It is easy to share photos, links and videos etc. you can also see you latest tweets anytime you want.


bloo facebook android 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters
Can’t afford to miss any new wall on your facebook account ?. After Android’s Bloo-facebook you don’t need to be a Nervous Nellie anymore. You can access your facebook account on this application anywhere 24/7. Now that is what we call “ Yupiee “ !.


WORDPRESS MOBILE ANDROID 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters
Coming to rescue of the bloggers, android’s this application allows the them to do various functions as regards to their blog such as managing a number of different blogs at the same time effectively, creating pages and editing the already existing ones etc.


MOBILE GA ANDROID 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters
The game doesn’t end up at just making a website, but it extends a long way ahead. It is habitual of the webmasters to check the statistics of the website after short durations. By using this application, you’re the information does not pass through the third party servers and is kept confidential and allows Android to access the Google Analytics through its API. Now, where ever you go your statistics go with you.


MAGIC COLOR PICKER 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters
This application has got umpteen color variations waiting for you. The colors are shown in HEX and decimal and are of great patronage to the artists and designers to select a color combination best suited to a particular ambience.


VIEW WEB SOURCE 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters
By using this application, you can view the source code of the web page you are viewing. Yes, it is definitely a point of interest common to all the webmasters. The source code will open up in a text editor and there you can analyze that and edit it. A great Android application !


PHOTOSHOP 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters
A marvelous tool to play with your images on Android. If the color adjustments are not in sync with the environment then just simple adjust the colors according to the need. You can also apply different affects and crop or rotate your image.


HTML EDITOR 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters
It is great helping tool for programmers to edit HTML, PHP, ASP, CSS and JS on Android.


ANDFTP Android 10 Best Android Apps For Webmasters
This application allows one to connect with the remote server through the protocol and is a FTP, SFTP, SCP, FTPS client for android services. Some of the features of this application are Upload and download with resume support, SSH RSA and DSA private key authentication support, English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Portuguese Brazilian, Serbian, Romanian languages support, Optional “Tip of day”, Device (local) and remote (FTP) file browsers etc.Submit Blog Add to Technorati Favorites Add to Google Top Personal blogs
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maddy said...

This is an awesome list of android apps..Good stuff, Thanks for sharing!

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Aadam Gibson said...

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