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Sunday, March 6, 2011

iPhone 5 Part Suggests Sliding Cover? (tech, news, leaked, preview, scoop, Auckland)

A 30-pin dock connector cable which claims to be a  prototype part for Apple’s  iPhone 5 has surfaced on the web once again. Along with it come fresh rumors and details of a sliding screen cover that could suggest a hardware keyboard. Which we’ve already had a rumor about before
These latest rumors come fresh from who posted a photo they claim is from the iPhone 5. What it appears to be is a 30-pin dock connector and the ribbon used to attach it inside of Apple’s handset. It’s labeled 821-1300-02 HF/c1.
You’ll need to translate the page to make any sense of it but it claims that reports of the 4 inch edge-edge screen that we’ve had to date are fake. This would also contradict the iPhone 5 part showing a 4 inch screen we came across
Instead, they claim the iPhone 5 will have a “sliding cover” and will have the same frame shape as the current iPhone 4, but will be “slightly thicker” than the current gen iPhone.
While the translation does not specifically indicate a sliding cover would involve a physical keyboard, it’s hard to see what else it could be.
It’s unlike Apple to want to include more buttons on their devices so I struggle to believe this one.
On the other hand, have been accurate in the past with their Apple parts. The correctly had the new screen for the iPod nano before it was announced, along with the iPhone 4 battery, white cover as well as new Macbook bodies, so they could have something here.
Hmm what do you guys think a sliding cover could be? A keyboard?
Let us know below!

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