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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Apple iPad 2: No microSD card support feature, according to insider (leaked, leaks, news, report, tech)

Speculation that the second-gen iPad will feature support for microSD cards is wide of the mark, it has been claimed.

Reports that the iPad 2 would offer expandable memory surfaced back in December, when leaked shots of cases for the device showed an opening in the upper left-hand corner.

An inside source whom AppleInsider “trusts on matters such as these” has rebuffed the suggestions, claiming that the slot is nothing of the sort. In fact, the slot is simply a new location for the iPad’s micro SIM tray, he says.

News of specs for Apple’s tablet comes as fellow iFansite 9to5Mac, claims to have got hold of an iPad 2 display from a Chinese third-party components maker. According to the site, the screen is lighter and up to 1mm thinner than the current-gen slate.

Other rumoured features for the tablet include dual cameras, a unibody design, more on board storage and a 2GHz processor to keep everything ticking over real nice, like.

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