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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Soft Laptop encloses the Keyboard and Screen in a single Silicone Shell (tech, news, report, Auckland)

Exploring the importance of the hinge in a laptop, designer Tian Deng has come up with a notebook concept called the “Soft” that featuring latest technology offers a refreshing alternative to conventional portable computing devices.

Embedding the keyboard with the silicone shell that gently encloses the entire setup, the futuristic laptop presents a compact yet elegant design so the user could compute with ease even in cramped public places or on the go. When not in use as a laptop, the keyboard tucks in the silicone shell to become a comfortable handle for effortless transportation, transforming the laptop into a tablet for the user.

Connecting the keyboard and screen with the same shell, the new laptop becomes easy to handle and carry around, wherever you need it.

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