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Sunday, October 17, 2010

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose: Price For The Most Expensive Phone In (world, record, Auckland, tech, strange, news, expensive)

I must admit I am one of those individuals who got mesmerized and stupefied at the same time when I saw one of Stuart Hughes first creation – The iPhone 3GS Supreme. At that time, I didn’t realize it was only a part of his other masterpiece which for me looks like it was more than fitted for a royal blooded highness already. (If ever there was such a thing like that).

Today, Stuart Hughes has released another part of his collection and this may very well be the most expensive phone on Earth. So it was an iPhone 4 alright – only this time, the master has strategically put 500 more pieces of diamonds compare to his older 20k dollar worth of iPhone 4 creation bringing it now to a total of 100 carats. It will be delivered to you on a special pink granite box should you be sane enough to order it.  And he calls it, “iPhone 4 Diamond Rose”.

To be more specific: The construction of this amazing masterpiece cost 5 million euros (8 million USD) and the reason why this has became even more special is because the type of stones used for this art were “Pink Diamonds”. With more adorned qualities, like rose gold encrusted on its rear and an Apple logo made out of diamonds in which you can customize when you like another variation.

Currently, there are limited stocks available. It was said that there were two identical creations already made for an Australian client.

Anyway, just for the sake of sour-graping, I do hope anyone who will buy the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose will have a cramp on their hands only to realize that it weights 7 kilos!

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