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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Real News! Drunk NC State Student Kills Cyclist

Raleigh isn’t the most bike friendly place but that has never stopped the area’s forward thinkers from using this alternative transit. Any day of the week you will see dozens of cyclists around town sliding through traffic. Thats why its so disturbing to hear news like what the N&O reported yesterday. NC State student Brian Reid, just 21, hit and killed 60 year old Nancy Leidy who was cycling. Leidy an unpaid entomology professor at N.C. State University, was a recreational cyclist who had just done the same ride this past Sunday.

Reid had a blood alcohol level of .12 and it was 11 am. There is no ‘safe time’ as a cyclist. You always have to be vigilant and wear safety equipment, even then you probably aren’t ‘safe.‘ New Raleigh is using this event to encourage all of its young readers to please wear your helmets. So many of our friends ride the streets with no lights or helmets in the dark of night and we think it would be a whole lot cooler if you did, man. Be safe be smart and take Dr. Leidy’s fate to heart- you aren’t invincible. Read more here.
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