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Thursday, January 15, 2009

She drove for 2km with a body in tow

15 January, 2008, Machang, Kelantan, Malaysia--For two kilometres on Tuesday, Aminah @ Rosiah Putih drove without realising she was dragging the body of a woman under her car.
It was raining heavily and visibility was low, so when Aminah saw something on the road, she thought it was a garbage bag.

She could not avoid the "garbage bag" and so ran over it.

When she reached home, she had difficulty getting her car into her driveway, so she alighted from the vehicle and was shocked to see a pair of legs sticking out from underneath her car.

District police chief Deputy Superintendent Shahurinaim Jais said the woman underneath the car was motorcyclist Zalina Musa, who had earlier been involved in an accident with a 12-year-old cyclist.
He said Zalina crashed into the cyclist in Jalan Labok-Joh at 7.25am.

"The area was dark and the victim was riding without lights when she collided with SK Labok Year Six pupil Amin Shukran Atizi of Taman Ilmu, who was cycling against the flow of traffic.

"The boy fell on the grassy roadside and broke his right arm while Zalina lay sprawled on the road before Aminah's Proton Iswara ran over her," Shahurinaim said.

A post-mortem at the Machang Hospital determined that Zalina, a clerk at SK Pangkal Meleret, was killed in the initial accident when she hit her head on the road after falling off her motorcycle.

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Hyper said...

I hope this only happens in Asia, eh?