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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One in five book hotel for a one-night stand, Auckland, New Zealand, "David Lim", Monavie

Source: New Zealand Herald Newspaper

30 September 2008, Auckland, New Zealand

One New Zealander in five has booked a hotel room with a one-night stand in mind, a poll conducted by an online travel company reveals.

Judging the 5500-person poll rampant naughtiness was most likely to take place in Auckland, voted as having New Zealand's best hotels.

Christchurch was missing out on the night moves, with its hotels rated the worst in the country by Expedia users.

An uncomfortable bed was less likely to ruin the experience than rude and unhelpful hotel staff, who topped the list of hotel gripes ahead of noisy rooms.

Only 20 per cent of respondents saw a uncomfortable bed as a pain, while rude staff rated 23 per cent.

Noise was a downer for 22 per cent of respondents, though presumably not by those making it, especially if they were among the one-night standers.

While 92 per cent of hotel stayers whipped off with the complimentary soaps and shampoos the morning after, less than three per cent made off with bathrobes or towels.

Most important was the cleanliness of the room (45 per cent), followed by the hotel's location (21 per cent).

One in six of those polled rated online research as the most significant source of information when booking accommodation, Expedia said.

Just 5 per cent were influenced by their travel agent's suggestions when booking, compared to 32 per cent who followed recommendations from family and friends.

The survey was conducted online via the website between September 10 and 17.

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