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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Motorboard 2000XR by Roth Motors - the iPod of electric scooters!! David Lim, Auckland, New Zealand +64211172222

The exquisite design of the portable electric Motorboard takes the scooter concept to the highest level of form and function. Engineered with the latest nano safe lithium batteries, the Motorboard is the one and only, truly portable electric vehicle at just 16 lbs! With a speed of 15 mph, it offers a 6 mile range with optional battery upgrades providing up to 20 miles of travel on one charge. The Motorboard is so lightweight and compact you can easily fold it up and carry it in one hand. Store it under the subway seat, in the back seat of your car, or under the table at your favorite lunch spot. Perfect for urban commuters, campus life and corporate environments. You'll never need to lock it up or secure outside - just carry it inside with you anywhere. No traffic, no parking hassles and fees, just complete freedom! (MSRP $799) Available at

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