Sunday, May 6, 2018

6th May, 2018:  Rusty Lim at home, Auckland, New Zealand. @davidlim, #rustylim, #skippylim

Sunday 6-5-2018:  

We has a light rain right before noon.  Kevin (#kevinlim, #zzkevinlim) is helping out to do some light painting job around the house.

Rusty, our bushy hair pet dog is tagging along who holds a paint brush -- this is weird and funny for a toy Poodle to behave!

Next Friday will be the graduation day of our youngest daughter Adeli (#adelilim, #adelilimnz) from University of Auckland (#uoa, #aucklanduniversitynz).  This is the reason Kevin flew back to New Zealand his baby sister  convocation.

#davidinauckland, #davidlimnz,

The view of the neighbour, West Auckland

Rusty Lim is enjoying himself with sunbathing on the Sunday, a true blue Kiwi, eh!

The sky is getting darker now at 1:41pm.

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