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How to Save Battery Power on an iPhone 6S Plus? Auckalnd iPhone iPad Repair 0800429429

Does it always seem like your iPhone or iPod Touch runs out of battery life just as you're about to use it for an important meeting, or settling in for a six-hour plane ride? This article will offer some tips as to conserving battery power on your device.

Step 1
Lower the brightness. Go to the Settings menu, select the Brightness option, and turn the screen brightness down to low. It will be somewhat more difficult to use apps or read something on low brightness, but it will save you lots of battery power.

Step 2
Update to the latest software. Apple engineers implement frequent changes to iPhone software, making it necessary to update to the latest software in order to harness those changes.
If your phone is operating iOS 5 or later, check for software update availability by going to Settings → General → Software Update.
To check for software update availability through iTunes, plug your iPhone into your computer and look for it in the source list. Click on the iPhone in the source list and then click on

Step 3
Use music, videos, games or internet browsing sparingly. The graphics in these can all quickly drain your battery life, so make sure you're using them for all they're worth.

Step 4
Fetch data manually, or set fetch data to "hourly." Your phone fetches data periodically to update email and other notifications. The more often your phone fetches data, the quicker your battery life may deplete.
To tell iPhone to let you fetch data manually, navigate to Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendars → Fetch New Data → Manually.

Step 5
Turn WiFi off. Because of your phone constantly reaching out for wifi signal, the battery life drops faster.

Step 6
Turn Cellular Data and (especially) 3G off.
Go to Setting → General → Cellular → Switch Cellular Data and Enable 3G to Off.

Step 7
Turn off push mail when you're not using it. If you have push mail on for a Yahoo! account, for example, and you dearly need to save power, turn off mail. To turn off push mail:
Navigate to Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendars → Fetch New Data, and set Push to Off.

Step 8
Turn off push notifications. The iPhone's various apps are sometimes alerted to software updates through push notifications, which can unfortunately drain battery life. In order to turn off push notifications, navigate to Settings → Notifications and disable notifications for any applications you don't deem absolutely necessary.

Step 9
Use location software sparingly. Some apps on your phone, such as Maps, use location-pinning software to determine GPS locations. When you are not using them, and for privacy concerns, get in the habit of turning this function off.
Go to Settings → Privacy → Location Services and disable.

Step 10
When no coverage exists, switch to airplane mode. Your iPhone always tries to search for coverage, even in places where no coverage exists, burning battery power as it does so. For this reason, it's recommended to switch over to airplane mode when you are in such an area.

Step 11
Close apps properly. If you just press the Home button, some apps are still running in background. Double press the Home button and close them manually.

Step 12
Give it space when it charges. You may notice that your iPhone gets warm when it charges. If your iPhone is wrapped up in a carrying case while charging, the excess heat may affect the battery power. Be sure to give your iPhone adequate space while it's charging.

Step 13
Lock your phone (or put it on a short auto-lock). If your phone isn't set to a quick auto-lock time already, be sure to correct it. There's a good chance that your phone could waste battery power when you aren't using it if it isn't locked.
Go to Settings → General → Auto-Lock and set it to 1 minute or less.

Step 14
Let your phone complete at least one charge cycle each month. A charge cycle is when you charge the phone to 100% and let the battery power drain completely, after which you charge it again. Going through a charge cycle per month keeps the electrons in the iPhone lithium battery properly greased, so to speak.

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