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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Apple extends exclusive deal with Liquidmetal

Apple has used liquidmetal sparingly so far - just for the SIM ejector tool for iPhones and iPads - but the company behind the material announced that the exclusive deal between them and Apple has been extended for two more years.

The deal gives Apple exclusive rights to use liquidmetal for consumer electronic products (the material is also used in various sport equipment). The original deal ended on February 5 2012, but it has been extended until February 5, 2014.

With many leaks pointing to a metal back on the upcoming iPhone 5, the extended deal might mean that Apple will be using the tough alloy for the back of its new smartphone. There has been speculation that using the liquidmetal for the SIM ejector tool is a low-risk way to test both the material and the manufacturing process.

Or it could mean they just really like those liquidmetal ejector tools. Just like with the new screen aspect ratio, we won't know for sure until Tim Cook takes the stage and unveils the new iPhone.

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