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Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Cyber Tech News: Google Unveiled The Glasses. Or Almost …

Google finally revealed his glasses augmented reality: the “Glass Project”. The demo video makes you want to try them … but then to adopt them?

That’s it, the shelves are has-beens? We knew the secret of Google X Professor Xavier was preparing augmented reality glasses, probably based on Android. Few concrete details were still filtered down to these days. The project now has a name: “Glass Project” and even a video demo (simulated):

GPS, camera, voice recognition, connectivity to all your social networks … the glasses seem to integrate all components of a smartphone means. The challenge is to make them usable without hands, and it’s actually more convenient to play the ukulele.

And if not? Not much, according to the concept pictures floating around, the device could be relatively small and as unobtrusive as possible (though). One eye is affected by the projection that will give the impression of being semi-transparent.

For now these are only models.

In short, the video reveals a potentially interesting concept in certain circumstances, but ultimately a bit pointless. Practically everything depends on speech recognition, a kind of super-Siri. So if you want to interact with your glasses: you must talk to yourself out loud, all the time (and look like a happy schizophrenic). In addition, I must say that in everyday life, in the hubbub of a street for example, these technologies are generally less impressive than in the demos (even less for some).

Otherwise, what about the consultation data? And more complex interactions on the same data? If there are many things you can do in speech recognition, there are more who are difficult.

And also, what about the eye strain that is sure to lead to a long asymmetric projection?

In short, leboncoin on the tablet or smartphone? Not yet anyway. I remain cautious ahead of the “Glass Project”, and I bet we will see any time soon in supermarkets

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