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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Top Ten (10) for Samsung Galaxy S i9100 SII, 2 (tech, news, report, utilities, smartphone, repair, unlock, Auckland)

If you are fortunate to own a Samsung Galaxy S 2 then no doubt you will be looking for apps to take advantage of its 4.3″ WVGA SUPER AMOLED Plus display, the greater processing power of its dual core processor; its 8MP camera and its other impressive features. Here is a roundup of some great apps for the Samsung Galaxy S 2.

GasBuddyQR Code - GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas - Map Gas Prices

If your ride is as figuratively large as the Screen on the Galaxy II then you should be more than concerned about the high cost of Gasoline. Even so, most of us wouldn’t mind getting a better price on the fuel we use in our vehicles. GasBuddy is the front-end of a user-generated database of gas stations and the price that they charge for regular, premium and diesel fuel.


Even though the Samsung Galaxy S II has lots of storage, chances are that it won’t be enough to store the large collection of pictures, music and video that you have in your collection. Ensure that you have access to all your files, from wherever you need them, with the Dropbox app.

After you install Dropbox onto your phone, computer and maybe a Tablet it will automatically sync files between each device and allow you to access your photos, documents and other media from anywhere you have Internet connection and perhaps share those files with others.

Slice It!

Sometimes you will find yourself with tons of time on your hands and nothing to do. If at those moments you like to do something mindlessly fun then perhaps you should consider installing Slice It!. The objective of the game is to simply slice each object into equal parts or the same ratio. It sounds simple enough, but subsequently level can be joyfully challenging.

Anti-Virus Free

Computers aren’t the only playground of viruses. Android viruses, malware and exploit exists, and so owners of Android phones and Tablets must install security software to protect their Androids. AVG Anti-Virus Free not only protects against malware but can also help the device owner to recover a lost or stolen phone, backup and restore files and remotely wipe sensitive information and data from the device if it is lost.

Go SMS Pro

If you aren’t particular fond about the stock SMS app that ships with Android devices then you may want to consider installing GO SMS Pro. With it you get backup and restore, data encryption, a cool UI, popup notification, and a privacy mode to keep a particular messaging session away from prying eyes.

ASTRO File Manager

If you plan on using your Galaxy S II phone to its full extent chances are that you will have lots of files on your computer.  ASTRO File Manager has backup features to safeguard your files, a better search feature and the ability to handle attachments Tar and Zip files, as well as a better interface for exploring the Android file system.

Daily Bible

This is a way to ensure that you have access, at all times, to the most popular book that was ever written. With Daily Bible you can follow a daily reading plan or simply listen while verses are read to you.

Bubble Blast2

We couldn’t conclude our roundup of Samsung Galaxy S 2 Apps without including at least one fun app. The objective of Bubble Blast2 is to pop all the bubbles on screen with as few tries as possible. Once you pop a bubble the explosion pops nearby bubbles as well. The player has to be strategic in trying to make each pop burst as many adjacent bubbles as possible.

WiFi Analyzer

qr Wifi Analyzer

This app shows the Wi-Fi signals and channels that are within range. The app also shows the strength of the signals, the name of the network as well as helps to user to find the least crowded WiFi channel.

History Eraser

Despite best efforts your phone may find its way into the hands of someone you really don’t want seeing your personal web browsing history and call logs. Not only can History Eraser improve privacy and maybe keep you out of trouble, but it can be used to improve your phone’s performance by freeing up memory that may be used by SMS, cached files, web browsing history, market search history, the clipboard and apps.

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