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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Number Of Sold iPhones Each Day Are Much More Than Babies Born!

iPhone is a very special Smartphone device that too many people buy it, and everyday pass iPhone becomes much stronger and much popular, but do you think number of sold iPhones each day are much more than babies born ? Well we have got some interesting news, let's see what is it after the jump:

I don't know if you already heard about this news that The iPhone sold 37.04 million units during the first fiscal quarter of 2012. Since one quarter is exactly 98 days, that equals 377,900 iPhone sold per day, while today according to the world's average birth rate report which says 371,000 babies are born per day.

During today’s earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the iPhone 4S was Apple’s best-selling iPhone last quarter. He also noted that Apple is pleased with its “broad range of iPhones,” indicating the continued success of the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. We’re sure that all the Apple-loving newborns out there would agree.

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