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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iPhone 4 Water Damage Repair by, Huron Street. Takapuna, North Shore

Have your iPhone 4 wet over the weekend or suffer from accident spill?  Do not worry, just give us a call at (09) 551-5344 and we can sort you out.

First, do not harm. Do not turn your wet iPhone 4 or trying to charge it as it could make thinks worse (this will help further short-circuiting or cooking the motherboard!).

We will inspect it for you (no inspection fee!) and tell you what are the options available for the water damaged or liquid damagedApple iPhone.

If you are outside Auckland, you are more than welcome to ship your iPhone 4 to use for repair.  Please use only signature-required courier shipping.

Dr Mobiles Limited (Google Map)
1 Huron Street, Takapuna, North Shore 0622
Tel: (09) 551-5344 and Mob: (021) 264-0000

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1 comment:

Blackberry Repair said...

My iPhone was dropped by my 2 years son, after read your iPhone 4 water damage repair techniques i will repair my iPhone by my self.
thanks for update