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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mobile Phone Repair Tips: How to dry out a water-damaged Apple iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS (, Takapuna, Auckland



One of the worst things you can do with an iPhone is to get it wet - because the warranty and the paid-for Apple Care plan specifically exclude any faults that are due to water damage.

So what do you do if your iPhone stops working after you dropped it in the sink or even left it in a steamy bathroom?

Well the first thing is don't take it back to an Apple Store or Carphone Warehouse and pretend it's nothing to do with water. The iPhone has four 'Liquid Submersion indicators' inside it that turn pink on contact with water - so they will know if you're telling porkies.

(One of these circular sensors is visible if you look down the headphone socket with a bright light - if it's been triggered the circle will be half pink and half white).

So if Apple can't - or won't help - what can you do? Well all is not lost - there have been plenty of reports online of people successfully 'drying out' their drenched iPhones and making them reusable.

Note: if you have completely immersed your iPhone don't try to restart it by plugging it into a power source. Follow the steps below to have the best chance of resurrecting it

The most successful method is to get hold of some packets of Silica gel - which is an incredibly moisture-absorbent substance. If you keep your packaging for hi-fi or cameras you may already have some lying around the house. Otherwise you can find it at Arts & Crafts shops - it's used for drying flowers - or you may be able to blag it from an electronics store. Alternatively you can order it online from places like Davpack

Then pack the iPhone in a sealed plastic bag among the packets of Silica gel and store it in a dry place for at least three days. That should ensure all the moisture is drawn out from the electronic innards of your iPhone.

If you can't get hold of the Silica gel quickly place your iPhone in a bag or box of uncooked rice and reseal it. This will keep it as dry as possible in the meantime. Transfer the iPhone to the Silica gel bags when you get them.

Finally connect up your iPhone to your PC, load up iTunes and try to do a complete Restore. This will provide you with the best chance of getting the iPhone to its pre-drenched working state.

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