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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apple iPhone 3G, 3GS repair while you wait? Is it true? Call (09) 551-5344

The popularity of the Apple iPhone in the New Zealand consumer market had created heaps of "professional", "iStuffU" or "iDeath" type of repair centre.  Many fall victim without realizing those dubious operator.  Most of these semi-pro operates with a cheap website, using obscure busines address (or some with no physical address).  On top of that, they do not even have a land line phone number for you to call or only will contact you via email.

We are one of the few professional Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung mobile phone repair laboratory who offer repair service by professional engineers while you wait.  Besides that, we are a proud member of New Zealand Retailers Association; this means that your right as a consumer will be respected and you are not taking risk dealing with less reputable organization.

Why most of them cannot do that? Easy, the semi-pro usually send your expensive phone away for repair or unlock by God-knows-who; if not, each "new model" is free for them to butcher and experiment upon.

Dr Mobiles Limited usually can replace the damage LCD or broken digitzer within 45 mins while you wait!

Dr Mobiles Limited (Google Map)
1 Huron Street
Takapuna, North Shore 0622
Tel: (09) 551-5344
Mob: (021) 117-2222  -  Email  -  Posterous  -  Twitter  -  Blogger  -  Flickr

Dr Mobiles Limited (Branch)

Westfiled Mall, Kiosk (6) Level 3
Cnr Glenfield Road & Downing Street
Glenfield, North Shore
Tel: (09) 444-4952 and  Mob: (021) 620-941 

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