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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Military Develops Iron Man Exoskeleton (2011, tech, news, report, Auckland, NZ)

The Superpower: Iron Man's Mark IV/V suit of armor. It can fly, shoot repulsor blasts, comes with awesome helmet displays, communications gear and is almost impenetrable.

The Technology: This awesome exoskeleton, coined "Iron Man" by its developers serves the purpose of increasing mobility and strength by basically using basic robotics to enhance/multiply whatever movement the soldier is making. This means that if you give a punch that would lightly bruise someone, the suit would make it so that the same punch would go through thick wood planks or someone's face. 

Dubbed the XOS 2, the exoskeleton is used primarily to lift heavy objects, its ratio being that a 50 pound weight will feel like 3 when using the exoskeleton. Being designed for the military, the XOS 2 will give soldiers better mobility along with naturally being able to carry 200 pound weights on their backs with little to no effort. This includes the ability to lift up rockets and rocket launchers like they're shotguns, which means that we would be that much closer to developing real Mechs. Lifting extremely heavy munitions, food and other military supplies will be the primary function of this suit... at least for now. 

The most interesting part about this whole thing is that it basically makes even the weakest soldier the strongest one on the field, due to the lack of effort needed to use the suit, as it is mainly a strength enhancement suit. Mark my words, in 2030, Exoskeleton Baseball WILL be a sport. 

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