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Monday, July 20, 2009

Free SIM card with $5 Air-time, Pre-launch Offer, Auckland, New Zealand

It is hard to come by free thing thesedays! But now, the third telecommunication company which will be launching next month, August 2009 is giving away free SIM cards to test their service.

First, there is Vodafone GSM network; then came Telecom XT network (running on 850MHz, North America's type of GSM frequency). Later, there will be 2 Degrees Just click on their website (here) and fill up your details. You will receive a text message with your confirmation code, then you fill the code in your application. All of these are done online and it takes less than 3 minutes! You can call the 2 Degree Network at 0800-022-022

You can proudly tell them that you are referred by
David Lim for this offer. Who knows, you will get an awsome or super cool prepaid phone number from this offer? Please let me know if you come across some freebies program, just leave your info at the comment site.

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